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Engine Diagnostics

Have you got a light on your dash or your car is beeping at you and you have no idea what it means?

At Allmakes and Models Mobile Mechanix we can perform diagnostic testing and detect trouble codes using the advanced technology of our scan tool equipment. With adapters to suit a large range of vehicles we can plug our scan tool in to your car, diagnose the issues and then provide you with an estimated cost of repairs. 


"Helpful and honest"

Ryan is extremely helpful and honest (a trait I'm sure many of us would find valuable in a mechanic). They don't mind my odd bit of non mechanic waffle and have helped me track down and fix some random problems on those lovely Korean made vehicles some of us have come to treasure.

If you want honest, affordable, knowledgeable people to look after your car then Ryan and Michelle are worth considering, great people and highly recommend.


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